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SP1Legend of the Seeker: The Making of a Legend!
Hosted by New Zealand native Lucy Lawless, this 30-minute special takes a behind the scenes look at the making of Legend of the Seeker.
After his father's murder, Richard learns about the prophecy that has named him the first true Seeker in a millennium.
Using the wisdom of wizards, Richard chases Fane in hope of taking back the sacred Book of Counted Shadows.
Zedd is captured by a corrupt wizard; Richard and Kahlan save the village of Drendril from bad magic.
An evil cartographer sells magical maps that allow bounty hunters and henchmen to track Richard's every move.
Richard finds that the D'Harans have taken over the village in which he was born.
Zedd is captured by a corrupt wizard; Richard and Kahlan save the village of Drendril from bad magic.
After seeing visions of the Seeker's death, a sorceress named Shota temporarily swaps Richard's identity with that of a merchant's son.
A Mord'Sith turns Richard's powers against him, testing the Seeker's will.
Zedd uses magic to outsmart Darken Rahl and steal the third and final Box of Orden.
Azzallel's Orb causes people to have vivid memories that might be all imagination. While investigating a series of murders among members of the resistance, Richard begins to doubt everything in which he believes.
Kahlan disguises herself as a Mord'Sith to free someone from her past held captive at a D'Haran prison.
Facts behind the thousand-year legend of heroic ancient Seeker Kieran.
After Richard and Kahlen reunite with Chase, whose family has gone missing, the three travel back to Hartland, where they discover that things aren't what they seem.
Darken Rahl and his wizard, Giller, cast the Spell of the Lying Moon on Richard so that, while in a dreamlike trance, Richard will reveal where the third Box of Orden is hidden.
While trying to rescue Chase's family from captivity, Richard finds himself face to face with the evil Darken Rahl for the first time.
While trying to prevent the Box of Orden from winding up in Darken Rahl's hands, Richard learns something new about his ties to Zedd.
Richard goes undercover and infiltrates a D'Haran camp to save innocent lives after he and Kahlan discover that Darken Rahl has been using dark magic to fight the resistance.
Opportunistic thieves use magic to disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan in a scheme to rob trusting townspeople, but when they learn the real Seeker and Confessor are nearby, they seize the opportunity to steal the Sword of Truth.
King Gregor persuades Shota the sorcerer to transform him into a vicious beast at sundown each day so he can protect his realm from the D'Harans. But that viciousness takes an unintended---and tragic---turn, leading to a dilemma for Richard.
Richard, Kahlan and Zedd race to find a duplicate copy of the Book of Counted Shadows before Darken Rahl gets his hands on it.
Darken Rahl's bid to find the three boxes of Orden leads him to capture Richard's sister, Jennsen, and to infect an entire village with Fire Fever.
The moment of truth comes for Richard to unleash the power of the three Boxes of Orden.